3 biggest nutrition lies I used to believe

We could be overwhelmed sometimes with all the nutrition or diet information and studies revealed every day. Depends on the source we hear and read different pieces of advice.
When I was a teenager my self-esteem was quite low and I  suffered from eating disorders. I was looking for the diet advice on the Internet, but I wasn’t able to judge which page is really trustworthy. After many years I realised that I had believed some nutrition lies, that were propagated by the mainstream.

  • Fat makes you fat

    That’s my favourite! I’m sure, all of us heard it so often and we were all confused if we should reduce fat from our diet. The studies published in British Journal of Medicine and American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveal that there is no correlation between fat and obesity or even the heart disease.
    In fact, good quality fat in the diet is not only essential for our health but also makes us feel full for longer. Usually while reducing fat, we need to compensate it with sugar or carbs, which are the true cause of “making you fat”.  Don’t hesitate to add these products to your diet:

    -fatty fish,
    -unrefined oils:

  •  Light products make you Healthier

    They are so popular! And usually, you can find the low-fat version of any dairy product. In fact, instead of using natural fat, food producers add substitutes: artificial ingredients and sugar to compensate a lack of the taste. With no success in my opinion – I can immediately say if the product was made with natural ingredients. But reading and comparing labels could be also very helpful. All artificial stuff and chemicals added to the food are not neutral for our body and can even mess with our hormones.

  • Margarine is better than butter

    It’s another well-promoted myth. The range of vegetable spreads and margarine is really rich in our supermarkets. Butter is a natural food and could be even made from cow’s milk by yourself.
    What’s the margarine then? It’s an artificial mixture of ingredients like:

    -vegetable oils,
    -synthetic vitamins,

    While producing margarine, vegetable oils are heated to the high temperature.  And that process is followed by the formation of the free radicals, which could be really dangerous to our health.

    Did you hear about those nutrition lies? Are there any different ones that you believed?

20 thoughts on “3 biggest nutrition lies I used to believe

  1. Rebeka says:

    Who would have thought that margarine is so bad for you? Since I am vegan I can only eat margarine, but I think I will just cut it completely. Thanks for the info!

  2. Krysten says:

    I believed all of these lies as well. Especially the light products are better. Now I know fake sugars are just as bad as real sugar. What you really have to do is just eat everything in moderate.

  3. nique wallace says:

    Not gonna lie i still believe fat makes ppl fat but truth of the matter is im 96lb and i eat fatty foods to try gain a lil fat lol i know its stupid now obviously but amma try eating healthy

  4. Elizabeth O says:

    I’ve heard of two of them but the margarine one took me by surprise. I can’t imagine how it could be better.

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