Haircare essentials, part 1- PROTEINS

It’s not easy to recognise what type of ingredients we can find in our beauty products. Sometimes after the first use of the conditioner, our hair looks great, but when we keep using it, something is not right. There is no volume or hair looks dry and damaged (even if it’s not).

Basically, our hair likes diversity. It doesn’t mean we need dozens of hair cosmetics. We only should know what type of ingredient we currently need to make hair „happy and satisfied”:)

3 essential substances for our hair are PROTEINS, HUMECTANTS AND EMOLLIENTS.

Is your hair dull, lifeless with no volume? You probably need some proteins!

They are „responsible” for building our hair. Adding proteins allows your hair to temporarily fill elements that were missing in its structure. Be aware: it’s not possible to completely repair hair, that was once damaged, but you can try to hide it with the proper care.
Proteins are necessary to refill lack in hair’s texture.  
In the nutshell: They are components quite similar to bricks that you can build a house with or simply patch a hole in the wall :).

How to recognise them?
Check the ingredients label on your hair products. Here are some examples:

  • Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein,
  • Milk Protein,
  • Soy Protein,
  • Elastane
  • Collagen,
  • Hydrolyzed Keratin
  • Silk

Egg yolk could be a great base for your own, homemade, protein mask (and it’s my personal favourite).

Remember: it’s very easy to overuse proteins! In that case, your hair can look even drier and damaged. How is it possible?  Proteins always have to be balanced with humectant and emollient substances! Sometimes using proteins twice a month is absolutely enough.

You should try to learn what does your hair need at the moment and how does it react with specific ingredients.

Come back soon for more;)

My hair story

This is my „Hair Journey” from childhood until now! It’s not ended yet but I hope it’s gonna be a little bit easier in the future.  Today I know more methods to help dry and damaged hair.

As a child, I had fair and thin hair. I often had a „pixie haircut”, because my mom believed that cutting hair often makes it strong.

Primary school was a time when comfort was a priority. Girls don’t care about their hair at all (or silly things like wearing something more stylish than boys’ jumper;) ).

When I was a teenager I didn’t like my straight hair. I started to use hot curlers and… hair crimper! Believe me, quality of that appliance was very poor. I had also wanted some highlights so I bought a cheap bleach and asked a friend for help. It wasn’t the best decision;) Later I decided to try…homemade perm. I liked it in the beginning, but later I realised that my hair was ruined!

Before I started my studies I had dyed my hair red. It looked OK, but I didn’t really feel myself:)

Later I decided to come back to blond, and it was very difficult. First I had to remove the red colour and dye it again. I think that was the moment when I used a bleach for the last time. Of course, hair was more damaged after all these crazy treatments.

I gave my hair a chance to grow and I have been trying to follow those haircare tips:   CLICK 

At the moment it’s shorter because I wanted to get rid of my bleached ends, but I keep growing!

I will describe my routine more precisely soon.

That would be amazing to read your hair stories and maybe publish them on my blog if you feel comfortable with it. Don’t hesitate to send it to me. (, I’m looking forward to seeing your changes:)

My top 5 haircare tips. How to help hair to grow stronger?

How did I grow healthier and stronger hair? What does our hair really need? There are my 5 basic and super easy hair tips, that everyone can follow. You can read My Hair History here.
It’s not over yet, but I can see a big progress so far:)

  •  Avoid destructive factors! One of the biggest threat to your hair is high temperature (for example- straightener). But also drying it with hot air, colouring with chemical dyes or styling with curling iron are not really hair- friendly ideas.
    • Use some oil! Sounds disgusting? I can assure you it’s not so bad:) Have you ever tried natural and easy oil treatment for your hair? Check what kind of oil you have got in your kitchen: almond,  coconut, flaxseed, walnut or olive- oil? Perfect! Find the best one for you and enjoy your healthy, shiny hair:) If you don’t like the idea of putting pure oil on your hair, try to add some to your mask or conditioner.
    • Check ingredients of products that you’ve got in your bathroom. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) are strong detergents that could irritate sensitive skin and also dry your hair. Think about gentle shampoo for daily use. Isopropyl alcohol isn’t your friend neither (unfortunately, you can find it in most of the common conditioners).
    • Protect your ends with serum, that helps to keep them in good condition for longer. Remember- it must be alcohol-free! 
    • Be gentle to your hair. Treat it like your favourite silk blouse. You wouldn’t consider ironing it with an extremely hot iron, would you? Now think about straightener (about 200 degrees) on your hair. It’s definitely not neutral for hair structure.

What are your basic haircare tips? 🙂 I would love to read what is the most important in your care or what really helped your hair to grow stronger and healthier? Maybe you are still looking for the best products and methods?