Basic tips to fix chemically damaged hair

Hi, guys! I received a couple of messages about fixing chemically damaged or even burnt hair. Is it possible to make it healthy again? As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, it might be really difficult. Hair that was damaged or bleached hasn’t got the ability to regenerate (it’s not a living tissue, but just a protein filament). There is no one perfect way that will bring health back to your hair. But there are a couple of methods that will help hair to look better. However, you need to follow them regularly- time is definitely your friend in the case of chemically damaged hair.

  •  Oiling
    Adding oils and other emollients to the daily care can visibly improve the look of your hair. These substances cover hair to keep it hydrated and they protect it against damages.
  • Proteins
    Use some proteins in the conditioner or mask. They will temporarily fill elements that are missing in hair’s structure. Remember: balance is the key-  it’s quite easy to overuse proteins.
  • Trimming
    It’s necessary to regularly cut damaged part of the hair. Otherwise, split ends will travel further up and make hair look even worse.
  •  Moisturising
    Yes, your hair really needs that. It’s like a watering a very dry plant. The humectants are hygroscopic substances used to keep hair moisturised.
  • Protecting
    Silicone serum is another haircare essential. It protects your hair from bad environment factors and keeps hydration in your hair.  One drop of serum is usually enough to keep hair healthy for longer.  Remember- it must be alcohol-free!
  • Olaplex
    It’s a new but very popular method already. Olaplex is definitely a good idea if your hair was damaged recently. I couldn’t see a big difference after the treatment, but my hair’s condition wasn’t so poor when I tried it. I would probably notice a big change if I had Olaplex treatment straight after bleaching.
    Repairing damaged hair always takes some time. It could be a very tough and frustrating problem to solve, but proper and well-balanced care is a key to success. It’s also very important to avoid destructive factors like heating, intensive bleaching etc. That will help your hair to recover and grow healthy.

29 thoughts on “Basic tips to fix chemically damaged hair

  1. Elizabeth O. says:

    I agree, it’s not something that we can treat immediately. It definitely takes time and it’s important to develop a routine that you’re comfortable with.

  2. Ashvin Nankoo says:

    Definitely helpful tips. I am a man and I have been using hair gel a lot. My hair has really become dry and not very healthy. I’ve used coconut oil before but did not like the smell. I might try moisturising it!

    • Kat says:

      You can use refined coconut oil- it has got neutral scent. However, coconut oil doesn’t work for everyone. There are many different oils you can choose from:)

  3. Rosey says:

    Great tips for helping damaged hair. I used to dye my hair as a teenager and it would dry out my hair so much that I gave up dying my hair all together. Even though I don’t dye my hair, after many months of not trimming my hair it will look gross due to split ends. But I didn’t know that they could travel further up making your hair worse. Hmm. now I better make an appt to get my hair trimmed asap!

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