Goodbye January

I bet everybody who works in retail was looking forward to January. Believe me, December could be really exhausting for them!
I wouldn’t mind if shops were closed on Boxing Day. One day doesn’t really make a difference for customers, but it does for all retail workers and their families.

There are few pictures of my January this year:

Christmas remains. I made these little decorations (of polymer clay) for our Charity Of The Year.

  • I treated myself with new Dior Absolute Blooming. By doing that I betrayed my all time favourite Pure Poison!
  • We sold all of my Christmas tree decorations except for 1, so he came back to me:)
  • Scottie tin of shortbread biscuits was a good companion in January :).
  • There was just one snowy day this month, but we can definitely feel winter in the air.
  • I had decided to be more organised this year, so I bought that lovely Year Planner.  It’s so beautiful that I feel sorry when I need to write something! 😀

There were really foggy days last month.

And some lovely, sunny mornings.

I started blogging🙂 And it’s a big challenge for me to do it regularly. I appreciate every visit and every comment you leave here:)

  • My dog found a new relax- spot. Not very comfortable (in my opinion) storage box:D
  • New in- fish tank:)
  • I like lazy morning when I’m off from work! Just me, my coffee and giraffe slippers:).
  • I try to grow my natural hair, but roots are really dark. I’m looking forward to walking on sunny days- the sun makes my hair a bit lighter.

We also had a little anniversary with my dog in January. 3 years together! As you can see there is a big difference between these pictures:)

The film of the month (well not exactly film, but drama series) was Rome. You can read my short review of that historical show here: CLICK .

That’s it from me. Did you have a good month?:)

23 thoughts on “Goodbye January

    • Kat says:

      I bought it at The works (calendars’ sections). It was super cheap because it was just after New Year:) I’m not sure if they still have it:)

  1. MaryAnne says:

    Great captures! Wow, January went too fast! I can remember when I said happy new year! It feels like it was 5 days ago! lol

  2. Kiyshia says:

    Oh I’ll be glad to see the back of January! For me, its the longest month of the year. The weather hasn’t been that great – but expected for January. However, Its always great to look back and reflect on the month. so although its not my favourite month of the year, it has treated me well.
    Thanks for the great reminder – stunning pictures by the way.

  3. Maria Han says:

    Sounds like you had a good month, Mine was really a full of problem and challenging! I wish I can recover btw, I really love all your photos

  4. Carol Cassara says:

    Looks like you had an amazing month! Those ornaments are lovely and it’s nice to know that they’re made for a good cause. Your dog is adorable! Pets fill our home with so much love!

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