Haircare essentials, part 1- PROTEINS

It’s not easy to recognise what type of ingredients we can find in our beauty products. Sometimes after the first use of the conditioner, our hair looks great, but when we keep using it, something is not right. There is no volume or hair looks dry and damaged (even if it’s not).

Basically, our hair likes diversity. It doesn’t mean we need dozens of hair cosmetics. We only should know what type of ingredient we currently need to make hair „happy and satisfied”:)

3 essential substances for our hair are PROTEINS, HUMECTANTS AND EMOLLIENTS.

Is your hair dull, lifeless with no volume? You probably need some proteins!

They are „responsible” for building our hair. Adding proteins allows your hair to temporarily fill elements that were missing in its structure. Be aware: it’s not possible to completely repair hair, that was once damaged, but you can try to hide it with the proper care.
Proteins are necessary to refill lack in hair’s texture.  
In the nutshell: They are components quite similar to bricks that you can build a house with or simply patch a hole in the wall :).

How to recognise them?
Check the ingredients label on your hair products. Here are some examples:

  • Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein,
  • Milk Protein,
  • Soy Protein,
  • Elastane
  • Collagen,
  • Hydrolyzed Keratin
  • Silk

Egg yolk could be a great base for your own, homemade, protein mask (and it’s my personal favourite).

Remember: it’s very easy to overuse proteins! In that case, your hair can look even drier and damaged. How is it possible?  Proteins always have to be balanced with humectant and emollient substances! Sometimes using proteins twice a month is absolutely enough.

You should try to learn what does your hair need at the moment and how does it react with specific ingredients.

Come back soon for more;)

35 thoughts on “Haircare essentials, part 1- PROTEINS

  1. alice in wonderland says:

    I use homemade protein masks and I like them ! But sometimes I wonder if it’s necessary to use special protein hair products..
    Maybe a balanced diet with protein can replace the hair conditioner..

    • Kat says:

      Balanced diet helps NEW HAIR to grow healthy and shiny. Our lenght and ends don’t really get benefits of food we eat. According to that , they should be supported by hair products 🙂

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  2. Anosa says:

    Me and my hair have issues and I know it’s lacking more than just protein but protein would help massively hence why I love to use Keratin based products for my hair and nails

  3. Renee Franklin says:

    Hmm. I never thought about balance with hair care. I usually just switch my shampoo and conditioner every few months because it doesn’t seem to be working as well anymore. Guess I have a bit to learn here.

  4. Wanderlust Vegans says:

    I have heard that you need to switch up your hair products because your hair likes diversity as you say. I’m glad you mentioned the overuse of proteins since I think that people don’t realise you can have too much of a good thing and make you hair look worse or use them when you hair isn’t even damaged.

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