My hairdresser disaster – the nightmare sombre

Hello, sorry for being absent for such a long time. There were few things that kept me away from writing, hopefully not for too long again. I just wanted to describe my horrible hairdressing experience. As you might remember I try to grow my natural hair. My roots are quite long and visible now so I had started to feel bored and I wanted to change something but without radical moves. While roots were dark and cool, the rest of my hair had brassy,  yellow tone, that I really didn’t like. So I started to think about a sombre to get a nice, natural look and let my hair grow without roots being so visible.

My hair a few weeks before the visit:

I’ve only been at hairdresser’s once, just before my wedding and it was a nice visit, however, I still try to avoid them (lack of trust)  :).

This time I’ve chosen the place carefully (they had some really nice pictures on their facebook page) and I went in to make an appointment.

The big day has come and I sat in the hairdresser’s chair. A young and a very nice girl (a student?) was responsible for doing my hair that day. I explained that I  wanted my roots to be blended down with lowlights (darker colour, similar to my natural) to hide a demarcation line and to achieve a very natural, sombre look (I don’t think that the lady understood the “sombre” word, but it could be my bad English pronunciation ). What I wanted was to tone my yellowish ends as well.  And I also asked to avoid bleaching because I didn’t want to damage my hair anymore.
I showed her those pictures and she was quite sceptical- she said that we couldn’t achieve it without the bleach. So I said that  I still want to keep it blond, but  I don’t mind going a bit darker, so instead of highlighting, I want to try with lowlights.

She seemed to understand perfectly what I mean, however, she went to consult the colour and toner with her boss (?) and the other lady. And there was my mistake: I trusted her and didn’t ask to show the colour they chose. When she started to do foils I asked: “are you putting a darker dye now?”. She answered: “No, I’ll level up your blond because it’s nice.”  I thought it was the first step of the work, so I didn’t want to disturb her anymore (silly, I know). When she finished I realised she only used one colour for all my hair, and I started to feel anxious.

I paid extra for using Olaplex- I had it done at home before so I knew the procedure pretty well. They’ve  put it on for less than 4 minutes- it was impossible for Olaplex to work. My hair was then washed with a hot water and the lady started to do some rubbing with the towel.  After that,  she started to brush my wet hair (!!!)  with something that looked like Tangle Teezer. Then the drying started- with… a very hot air.  My hair couldn’t bear it anymore so I said politely: “OK I think it’s dry enough now”. I paid for the service (I couldn’t see the result properly at hairdresser’s – my hair was still a bit wet) and I went back home to realise… how bad it was.

That’s before on the left and after on the right.

I wanted to achieve the sombre effect and it turned out to be completely opposite: my roots were more visible, because of the high contrast between dark roots and a very light colour of the length.

C’mon, seriously? Is that how they teach to do balayage now?

I’ve been trying to fix that disaster for the last couple of weeks, but the condition of my hair is so much, much worse now (it’s not visible on the pictures – I saw the result when I washed all the silicones that were used).  This situation made me very sad, I know it’s just hair, but for someone who really takes care of it, it might be very upsetting. I’ll be in touch.
See you soon 😉

6 thoughts on “My hairdresser disaster – the nightmare sombre

  1. Danielle says:

    Oh no I agree with you a 100 percent I’m so fussy when it comes to. Trusting hairdressers although my hair is like yours dark at the top and blonde at the bottom and I like it that way, it might end up growing on you if not I hope u get it sorted soon xxx

  2. Kara says:

    Oh no, I hate it when hairdressers get it wrong and that is so different to what you asked for. I would be going back and asking the senior stylist to fix it

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