Why do I love coconut oil? My favourite ways of using it

Coconut oil is a unique gift of Nature:) What can we use it for?
Every day I discover its richness, extraordinary features and benefits and here are my favourites:

    • It’s the only oil I use for frying! Oxidation of other vegetable oils starts really quickly when heated. This process causes the formation of the free radicals and they could be really dangerous to health. Coconut oil smoke point is high and even during heating, it doesn’t produce harmful chemical reactions.
    • Sometimes I use it as “emergency make-up remover.” I do not need to put any cream after.
    • Pulling oil is one of the detox methods. I try to do it as often as I can, but unfortunately, I can’t do it regularly. It should be done as one of the first activities in the morning. It works perfectly for the teeth (mild bleaching) and the overall condition of the body. That technique also helps to fight bacteria and boost the immune system. Remember: after pulling oil,  do not swallow it, just spit it out to the bin!
    • I put coconut oil onto my hair ( if your hair has got high porosity, coconut oil is not the best choice- it can make it more frizzy). Although my ends have a medium porosity, I still like to put some coconut oil for the length.
    • I like to use it as a base of natural scrub- I just add sugar and a few drops of favourite shower cream. My skin is nourished and moisturised after that treatment.

I usually use unrefined extra virgin coconut oil, because I absolutely love the smell (it disappears during cooking, so do not worry about your meals). I also have got a jar of refined coconut oil in my cupboard, just in case- I think it’s still better to use that one than other vegetable oils.

24 thoughts on “Why do I love coconut oil? My favourite ways of using it

  1. Holly (Little Pickle's Mom) says:

    What does ‘pulling oil’ mean? I’m a bit clueless when it comes to detoxing and haven’t a clue. We’ve been cooking with coconut oil for a while but I still need to introduce it into my beauty routine – I hear such wonderful things!

    • Kat says:

      It’s really easy: First you need to take one tablespoon of oil to your mouth. Then move oil slowly inside and pull it through your teeth for 15-20 minutes. Do not swallow:)

  2. Tereza says:

    I do enjoy oil pulling but I absolutely hate using coconut oil from the tub with just a spoon, meh. I wish they made it in a tub like a toothpaste or something, would be much easier! x

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