Yeast drinking for a hair growth. Is it safe and effective?

I know that method could be controversial for some of you. Yeast drinking sounds quite weird and maybe even disgusting:) I can assure you it is a popular tip in the communities of hair lovers! It’s been proven that yeast drinking has got undoubted, positive influence on the general condition of the body, making nails stronger and of course on faster hair growth.

I was one of the “yeast drinkers” about a year ago- it was on my menu every day for a month. (It sounds like the AA meeting confession 🙂 ) I’m not going to encourage any of you to try, I only want you to do some further research and think about it. Of course only if you struggle (like me) to grow healthy, strong hair faster. High five!
Yeast contains:

  • vitamin B complex
  • minerals such as zinc, selenium, iron and magnesium,
  • amino acids.

In my opinion, the best is fresh yeast, but it’s really hard to find it in the UK.  Sometimes you can get it from ASDA or Sainsbury’s bakery department. But don’t worry, dried yeast should be OK as well- I was using it.

My hair usually grows about 1-1.3 cm. per month. After drinking yeast I had about 2.3 cm. more.
For me, it’s a great result.

(On the first picture you can see a good example of PROTEINS overuse- don’t do it:P).
My hair also stopped to fall out (it was in the spring, I usually lose some hair in that season) and  I also had a new baby hair! It worked really nicely for nails- they were much stronger and not so breakable.

How to make a yeast-drink?

  • 1 tablespoon of yeast (could be more)
  • about 150 ml of boiling (!) water

Put your yeast into the glass, add water, stir thoroughly and wait about 30 minutes.

It’s very important to use boiling water- it kills the yeast so it won’t ferment in your stomach. But it doesn’t kill all the goodies (like vitamins and minerals) from the yeast.

I’ll be honest with you- it’s not tasty. Some people mix it with banana and add for example cinnamon. But for me, it was easier to drink it as fast as possible and just forget about it!:)

Don’t worry- yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) that you can find in grocery aisles or bakery departments is completely different to Candida albicans. The last one is a pathogen which causes infections in the body.  Yeast that we use as a baking ingredient is safe and doesn’t make any harm to our health.

28 thoughts on “Yeast drinking for a hair growth. Is it safe and effective?

  1. Monika says:

    I love the yeast smell, it reminds me my childhood…. I drank it few times and it’s a little bit like fresh bread 🙂 (very funny, but not disgusting.) Right now, I started drinking nettle, but I will change for yeast in the Spring. I hope it will also help with my nails, because they are cracking in every possible way….

  2. Jen says:

    I haven’t heard of yeast drinnking for hair growth boost. I’ve had spells of hair loss, and it is so deflating. I started using Lush coffee and henna shampoo, and that has helped loads. So if yeast is useful, does that mean that Marmite could equally be as good? Not that I can imagine drinking Marmite, but still.

    • Kat says:

      That’s an interesting question, Jen:D I suppose that yeast extract in Marmite could lose nutritional value during the filtration. But I’m not sure! Why, do you like Marmite?:P

  3. Scott Taylor says:

    I work at the bakery at an ASDA store, and its true that although we can no longer sell fresh yeast over the counter, we have been known to give a small amount of it to customers upon request. Unfortunately though, up until recently we have had to decline as it has reduced the necessary amount allocated to us for daily production.

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